[Parution] Witness identification in criminal cases

Rachel Wilcock (London South Bank University, Royaume-Uni), Ray Bull (Université de Leicester, Royaume-Uni) et Rebecca Milne (Université de Portsmouth, Royaume-Uni) publient un ouvrage entièrement consacré à l’identification d’un suspect par les témoins oculaires.

Table des matières :

1. Introduction

2. Perception, memory, and recognition involved in witness identification

3. Giving person descriptions and the effect of this on the identification process

4. Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Eyewitness Identifications

5. Identification by voice or by gait

6. The effects of expectations and stereotypes on identification

7. Recommendations for conducting identification parades

8. Assisting vulnerable witnesses

9. New innovations : Applying psychological science to the real world

10. Where we are now, and where do we want to go ?

Référence :

Wilcock, R., Bull, R., & Milne, R. (2008). Witness Identification in Criminal Cases : Psychology and Practice. Oxford : Oxford University Press.