BiblioAlertes du 15 juin 2010

15 juin 2010 par Frank Arnould

Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, vol. 17, n° 2, 2010 :

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Child Development, vol. 81, n° 2, 2010 :

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Wise, R. A., & Safer, M. A. A comparison of what U.S. judges and students know and believe about eyewitness testimony, pp. 1400-1422.

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, vol. 107, n° 1, 2010 :

Wimmer, M. C., & Howe, M. L. Are children’s memory illusions created differently from those of adults ? Evidence from levels-of-processing and divided attention paradigms, pp. 31-49.

Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, vol. 7, n° 2, 2010 :

Rassin, E. Blindness to alternative scenarios in evidence evaluation, pp. 153-163.

Charron, A., & Woodhams, J. A qualitative analysis of mock jurors’ deliberations of linkage analysis evidence, pp ; 165-183.

Memory, vol. 18, n° 3, 2010 :

Nachson, I., & Slavutskay-Tsukerman, I. Effect of personal involvement in traumatic events on memory : The case of the Dolphinarium explosion, pp. 241-251. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

Memory, vol. 18, n° 4, 2010 :

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Psychology, Crime and Law, vol. 16, n° 5, 2010 :

Dietze, P. M., Powell, M. B., & Thomson, D. M. Mental reinstatement of context with child witnesses : does it matter whether context is reinstated ‘out loud’ ? pp. 439-448. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.