BiblioAlertes du 1er avril 2009

1er avril 2009 par Frank Arnould

Journal of Experimental Psychology : Applied, vol. 15, n° 1, 2009 :

Sauerland, M., & Sporer, S.L. Fast and confident : Postdicting eyewitness identification accuracy in a field study, pp. 46-62.

Clark, S.E., Marshall, T.E., & Rosenthal, R. Lineup administrator influences on eyewitness identification decisions, pp. 63-75.

Charman, S.D., Gregory, A.H., & Carlucci, M. Exploring the diagnostic utility of facial composites : Beliefs of guilt can bias perceived similarity between composite and suspect, pp. 76-90. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

NeuroImage, vol. 44, n° 4, 2009 :

Nose, I., Murai, J., & Taira, M. Disclosing concealed information on the basis of cortical activations, pp. 1380-1386.

PLOSone, vol. 4, n° 3, 2009 :

Boggio, P.S., Fregni, F., Valasek, C., Ellwood, S., Chi, R., Gallate, J., Pascual-Leone, A., & Snyder, A. Temporal lobe cortical electrical stimulation during the encoding and retrieval phase reduces false memories. Article en ligne à l’adresse suivante :

Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, vol. 50, n° 2, 2009 :

Skagerberg, E.M., & Wright, D.B. Sibling differentials in power and memory conformity, pp. 101-107.