BiblioAlertes du 1er juillet 2009

1er juillet 2009 par Frank Arnould

Criminal Justice & Behavior, vol. 36, n° 7, 2009 :

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Cyberpsychology & Behavior, vol. 12, n° 2, 2009 :

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Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, vol. 103, n° 2, 2009 :

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Memory, vol. 17, n° 5, 2009 :

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Leding, J. K., & Lampinen, J. M. Memory conjunction errors : The effects of presentation duration and study repetition, 597-607.

Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, vol. 16, n° 2, 2009 :

Neoh, J., & Mellor, D. Professional issues related to allegations and assessment of child sexual abuse in the context of family court litigation, 303-321.

Psychology, Crime and Law, vol. 15, n° 5, 2009 :

Pozzulo, J. D., Dempsey, J. L., Crescini, C., & Lemieux, J. M. T. Examining the relation between eyewitness recall and recognition for children and adults, 409-424. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

Psychophysiology, vol. 46, n° 4, 2009 :

Lui M, & Rosenfeld JP. The application of subliminal priming in lie detection : Scenario for identification of members of a terrorist ring, pp. 889-903.