BiblioAlertes du 24 mars 2008

25 mars 2008 par Frank Arnould

British Journal of Psychology, vol. 99, Part 1, 2008 :

Hancock, K.J., & Rhodes, G. Contact, configural coding and the other-race effect in face recognition, pp. 45-56. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, vol. 40, n° 1, 2008 :

Jackiw, L.B., Arbuthnott, K.D., Pfeifer, J.E., Marcon, J.L., & Meissner, C.A. Examining the cross-race effect in lineup identification using Caucasian and First Nations samples, pp. 52-57. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

Cognition, vol. 106, n° 2, 2008 :

Hayward, W.G., Rhodes, G., & Schwaninger, A. An own-race advantage for components as well as configurations in face recognition, pp. 1017-1027. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

European Journal of Developmental Psychology, vol. 5, n° 1, 2008 :

Korkman, J., Santtila, P., Westeråker, M., & Sandnabba, N.K. Interviewing techniques and follow-up questions in child sexual abuse interviews, pp. 108-128.

Journal of Cogniton & Development, vol. 9, n° 1, 2008 :

Principe, G.F., & Smith, E. Seeing Things Unseen : Fantasy Beliefs and False Reports, pp. 89-111.

Memory, vol. 16, n° 3, 2008 :

French, L., Garry, M., & Mori, K. You say tomato ? Collaborative remembering leads to more false memories for intimate couples than for strangers, pp. 262-273. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.