BiblioAlertes du 7 avril 2008

7 avril 2008 par Frank Arnould

Journal of Applied Social Psychology, vol. 38, n° 3, 2008 :

Redlich, A.D., Ghetti, S., & Quas, J.A. Perceptions of children during a police interview : A comparison of alleged victims and suspects, pp. 705-735.

Journal of Experimental Psychology : Applied, vol. 14, n° 1, 2008 :

Charman, S.D., & Wells, G.L. Can eyewitnesses correct for external influences on their lineup identifications ? The actual/counterfactual assessment paradigm, 5-20.

Weber, N., &Brewer, N. Eyewitness recall : Regulation of grain size and the role of confidence, pp. 50-60.

Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, vol. 33, n° 1, 2008 :

Murfett, R., Powell, M.B., & Snow, P.C., The effect of intellectual disability on the adherence of child witnesses to a "story grammar" framework, pp. 2-11.

Memory, vol. 16, n° 3, 2008 :

French, L., Garry, M., & Mori, K. You say tomato ? Collaborative remembering leads to more false memories for intimate couples than for strangers, pp. 262-273. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.