BiblioAlertes du 7 octobre 2008

7 octobre 2008 par Frank Arnould

Behavioral Sciences & the Law, vol. 38, n° 5, 2008 :

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Criminal Justice and Behavior, vol. 35, n° 10, 2008 :

Turtle, J., & Want, S.C. Logic and research versus intuition and past practice as guides to gathering and evaluating eyewitness evidence, pp. 1241-1256.

Wagstaff, G.F. Hypnosis and the law : Examining the stereotypes, pp. 1277-1294.

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Vrij, A. Nonverbal dominance versus verbal accuracy in lie detection : A plea to change police practice, pp. 1323-1336. Lire le compte rendu sur PsychoTémoins.

Journal of Applied Social Psychology, vol. 38, n° 9, 2008 :

Pozzulo, J.D., Dempsey, J., Corey, S., Girardi, A., Lawandi, A., & Aston, C. Can a lineup procedure designed for child witnesses work for adults ? Comparing simultaneous, sequential, and elimination lineup procedures, pp. 2195-2209.